Monday, January 31, 2005



Exam is not over yet (I know!!) sad and depressing..!! haha.. Ive got Space Systems Engineering on Thursday & Adaptive Control on Friday, NICE!!!*sigh

Can we just dont talk about exams or whatsoever that associates with it?

Ok2..Im about telling u guys these facts & reality when I was at,

CONVENT SEREMBAN--> so-so memories, ahaa..but the brass band was the sweetest thing!
TEKNIK PORT DICKSON---> the best of friends & moments as a secondary school student
POLYTECHNIC OF KUCHING---> the best thing that ever happened to me! and best of friends too..:) hmm..,seandainya..
POLYTECHNIC OF KOTA BHARU---> the best moments as a student
UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD----> so far, its the best of friends.. and the most challenging experience as a human being I ever had..!! (yeahh..tell ME about it!)

I dun think there will be any addition to the list..hehe..

Nuff said:

"Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.."

*Seandainya..ku dpt memilih..untuk tak pergi..dan tetap di sini...

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