Friday, January 28, 2005

exam 2


Ive been studying like mad these past 2 days - because I was scared of Nonlinear systems!(you can tell from the eyes..lebam2 bijik mata..*adehh) so not me!! if its not because of exams, no wayy.. Nonlinear System is one hell of a tough subject in Control Systems! And guess what, yesterday's exam proven that was totally true!! no doubt at all..*sigh..

The first part - Nonlinear analysis with Lyapunov function was easy peasy, alhamdulillah - hope that I didnt do any stupido mistakes! (You have no idea how hard & tough & dying the questions could be!! ) compared to the 2nd part, Harmonics analysis & Describing function! it was supposed to be the other way round plus I had set my mind to answer 2 questions from the 2nd part and one from the 1st part.. However, I ended up answering 2 from the first part instead..hmm.. but hey, I did try my best not to leave any blanks with some so-called-equations & formula that never exists! hehe..big fat liar!!

So, why dont you guys tell me how my exam was???

Anyway, its not the end of the world though..tawakal & doa are ALWAYS the best thing to do, remember? hope for the best!! insyallah..

Oraitt peeps..I am tired, hungry, a little disoriented from the lack of sleep.. so now I need to get some food, sleep and watch tv!

But there are more to come...

Adios amigos..God speed! wassalam..

"Hear and you forget; see and you remember; do and you understand."

*Sleepless beauty,

~emmanita bonita~

p/s: dah lama x dgr malay song kan??

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