Wednesday, January 26, 2005



Feels like writing..remember the previous post I said that there will be no updates, not until the exams finish..but I am again.. see, dats why some ppl said once you start blogging, you'll get addictive to it..hehe..I guess its true..

Just wanna say thanks for all the good luck wishes..(and this goes to mr s.a gaks!*wink*wink)
I know, ppl been asking how was the paper today -->
All I can say is, alhamdulillah.. but apapun, let see how I did bila dah dpt results nanti..hehe..

Oraitt ppl, enuff for today..need to get some sleep first, then have to wake up early morning, preparing for Nonlinear Systems plak *sighh..

Again, wish me luck!

God bless and God speed!!

*one down, 3 more to go,
~emmanita bonita~

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