Saturday, January 22, 2005

exams datang lagi


Hope its not too late to wish you all Happy Eid..We celebrated Eid on Thursday. Again, one day earlier from Msia just like Aidil fitri hari tu.. so, the nite before me & nana (she was so excited about cooking coz she had just finished her exam on Wednesday!*sigh) cooked some typical raya menus - nasi impit, kuah kacang & rendang (see MIRA, I told u, we had the same menu as what u had over there..hehe..) Raya is always raya although exam is next week..hehe.. lagipun, ni lah last raya kat UK..Im pretty sure I will miss to celebrate raya in UK when Im back to Msia.. hmm..let see..

Oklah..dun have any ideas to update...maybe after exams ok! wish me all the best..and to all my mates in Sheffield, good luck to u too..


*best of luck,

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