Wednesday, February 02, 2005

gimme some momentum


Was up until 4.30 am trying to figure out how the radiation network (Space Systems Engineering stuffs..) works and I will tell you that it is one s**t of a work. Im not kidding here..and up till now, I couldnt solve it or even understand where the h**l does the value of view factors(whatever..!!) came from..HOW NICE!!! but, not to worry that much, since I am not the only one who cant managed to solve classmates pun sama gaks..hehe.. well, let see how is it gonna be tomorrow, if there'll be question about it, I'll definitely, once again be a so-called-liar..haha..

Btw, today my mr s.a will be having his free nasi paprik & watermelon juice (Oh God, I havent had a proper dinner/lunch these past 3 weeks..!!). His bestest friend, Syam owed him that menus coz MU won last nite.. haha..You are lucky Syam coz Im still STUCKED in UK, or else you might need to buy a dinner for me too..

I took these pics last nite, after giving up with the radiation thingy (!@#!!*$#)..

Things that I can't live without these days;

-the motive behind this one is, I really miss the guy in the pic..hehe :P-

That's it..Im outta here..

" A good beginning makes a good ending."

God speed! wassalam.

*Ada apa dengan mata,


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