Sunday, January 09, 2005

a new day


Listening to:A japanese/korean song(not sure..)given by a japanese/korean freak.. hehe
Breakfast:A bowl of crunchy nuts, a cup of cappucino and an apple-huh..anything else better than this???

Hola!How was weekend? dun bother asking mine, coz weekend/weekdays wont make any differences at all-except for I dun have to work on weekends..went to castle market yesterday, bought so many things but dun worry, I still managed to carry all of those.. (naik bus lah tapi..hehe). then gi tukar my calculator's batt & my watch as costs me 5.98pound for both batteries..huhu..finally, my watch is alive!!

Ahaa, update bout the ulcer-nothing much has changed, in fact its worsening.. cant even talk (which is funny somehow coz I was on the phone with my classmate last nite and he couldnt understand a word!!*urghh..).Okie, fine.. I think I probably shud slow down a little bit (with the exams prep), coz I do think the stress is one of the, apalagi..tgk muvie aaa!!

Till then, Good Luck (and wish me luck as well!thanks!!)..God speed!!

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book."


p/s:mr s.a,I bought bonjela semalam..nak beli 9 tp ada 1 jer..hehe..

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