Saturday, January 01, 2005

new year resolution


been browsing some of the blogspots and seems like everybody are writing about their new year resolutions and 2004 memories.. me? hmm..nothing much happened this year except for being all alone in Sheffield with all my mates went back to Msia for good.. *sigh.. kinda sad-I know! lets start with today..

Surprisingly, Ive got Christmas or shud I say new year gifts from my 'x supervisor & officemate - Elaine & David (from my part time floor engineer job..hehe)..was so happy & excited but somehow felt guilty coz I only gave them a cheap Christmas card (what do u expect from a student ehh..hehe) Elaine gave me a photo album & a silver necklace from David..huhu..(I prefer a Gold necklace actually..hehe..)Thanks to them!!

I cant be bothered to jot down every single thing that happened throughout this year but I guess it would be the best year that I ever had since I came to Sheffield.. having such friends & all those sweet moments.. ahhh.. how can I forget that.. thanks for the friendships..sob..sob..sob.. I wish korang semua buat MEng, not like me mengada nak buat MEng and finally stuck here without korang..:( life so d**m boring.. sungguh tak tipu..!!!

1)dpt my 1st nephew - Faiq Isyraft bin Fizral Izwan :)
2)8 years relationship wif my so-called dear, mr s.a..hehe.. ehem2.. ;)
3)went to Paris & Sarawak for holidays.. :)
4)road trip to Cardiff & Bath :)
5)PKE'S smtpdians gath@Cherating..seronok sgt jumpa member2 lama! :)
6)my 2nd bro got married :)
7)my final year project went well..alhamdulilah.. ;)
8)left with only one ovari for the lifetime..too bad kan! :(
9)had 2 scars kat perut for those 2 major operations :(

hmm..tu je kot..on the other hand,

1)have a MEng in Electronics Control & Systems Engineering and not even thinking about Phd or whatsoever that relates with studies! nahhh
2)good health & wealth..hehe..
3)happiness for family, friends and beloved one..
4)good job & career - in other words, high paid salary..hahaha
5)a nice Hari Raya celebration, after 3 years!! yuhuuu..
6)be a nice muslim, person, daughter, friend & girlfriend..
7)one step forward ;)
8)another trip to Sarawak, its a yearly event anyway!
9)trying to keep in touch with long lost friends and get to know other ppl as well..
10)more road trips and travelling to Europe..whoaaa..I wish I can go to Greek (adeii..cannot afford lah..)
11)can cook more dishes & food - kira cam tahap iron chef lah kunun..hehe.. now ni baru naked chef jer..hehehe
12)new blog layout..
13)going back to Malaysia for good, or else someone will kill me..hehe.. u know who u are..

whoaaa..byk nyer wish list! I dun wanna ask for more, except for panjangkan umur my family, friends and my dear..ameenn..I really hope that I can spend more time with them next year, lepas habis study, coz I dun really got the chance to do so.. (ye aa.. asyik study jauh2 jer..tak larat aa..nak lepak rumah jer lepas ni..)

THANKS goes to:
1)my family - sayang & rindu sgt kat semua..---->The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

2)my dear - knowing u 8 years ago was the best thing that ever happened to me too!!--->The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

3)my friends - thanks for always be there ---> A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what.

Aighttt fellass.. Happy New Year and semoga tahun baru ini membawa berkat, insyallah!!

Last but not least,

Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened...:)

*Big hugs & kisses,

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