Friday, December 17, 2004



I wish I am in Sarawak right now..woke up this morning and then I was shocked when I received a sms sent by a friend saying that our friend, Norsurya Elyana Abdullah aka Yana(one of my best fren masa kat Swak..) met with an accident.. huh.. how bad?? very2 bad I guess, patah tgn & kaki, kereta kancil dia langgar pokok. adehh..yana, kamek harap kitak sabar byk2 ehh.. and kamek sik dpt imagine camnei gaya kitak kinek tuk..risau gilak kamek.. hopefully sik teruk nei.. haiii.. kan dah berbahasa sarawak fren, u are always in my prayers..insyallah, u'll get better soon..

Today, I went to castle market..bought some fish, fruits, vegetables.. running out of stock dah kat rumah ni..but something happened..hehe..I was so clumsy, dahlah coins jatuh berterabur..then apples pulak.. eeii.malunya!! probably sebab dah byk sgt kot.. tulah tamak lagi..hehe..mcm larat jer nak angkat semua tu.. Somehow I managed, tp naik bus aa.. me-jalan kaki?? no wayy.. :P

Then, the clumsiness did not end there..I decided to prepare myself dinner..I reached for a packet of Brahim's ayam masak tandoori in the overhead kithen(I was so d**m lazy to potong2 bawang or what so ever and dah lapar gilerr plus tak pernah try lagi so I thought I wanna try it)and then completely forgot to shut its doors (punyalah lapar..:P)I looked up again lepas amik some stuffs from the cabinet below and somehow banged my head on the edge of the open door..(Im not that tall, but believe me it happened!!) I could see all sorts of stars and colours flashing before my clumsiness was rewarded with a sharp pain swimming across the skull, and as a bonus, a dent on my head..the only consolation was the fact that no one witnessed the incident.. hehe..Nana kat bilik..becoz of that, I went to Yafai groceries store, bought some garlic & tomatoes..finally end up with tomyam..nyam..nyam.. alhamdulillah!!

So you see, how clumsy I am..huh..I am so lucky, mr s.a is sgt memahami about this.. haha..ya rite!! asyik kena bebel je ngan dia coz he always has to remind me about my purse, handbags or plastic bags (if I bought anything..) coz dah byk kali pernah tertinggal..hehehe.. tertinggal dalam kapal terbang pun pernah..kan ima-sky & as kannn..haru betul!! my dad & mom mmg dah malas nak cakap the same2 thing to me..

okie..guess dats all for today..finally,

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy..."

*Hugss & kissess,

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