Wednesday, December 15, 2004

what a relief


felt much2 better after submitted the marketing assignment.. alhamdulillah.. went to library after that, but then I said, no way.. I had enuff of books, papers, journals.. u know, engineering management, marketing management - I am so not into business, far away being a business minded, for the time being, need to take a break from those! but not with kit-kat haa..went to city centre, bought myself a bouquet of just trying to make myself works kot!:P mana tidaknya.. roses ni betul2 depan mata..

I chatted with a friend of mine yesterday, the conversation went like this (not really like this coz Ive changed the language since we were talking in bahasa Swak..hehe): r u doin..feeling any better?
me :why are u asking like that, Im fine..Ive got no fever or what so ever..
fren:nope..ur blog seems like u r not doin fine, I mean, not like before..
me :what was it like before pun? sama je I guess..
fren:mana ada..totally not u!
me :eehh..aku lah yg update blog tu tiap2 hari..apa ko ni..
fren:yalah..I knew it was u, but mcm tak happy jer..awat?
me :ermm.takde apa2lah..ko baca entry last week ke..
fren:nope..ever since ko balik UK aku cam tak best aa..
me :tak best camne? coz mmg takde benda best nak citer..
fren: ahaaa..kantoi..rindu kat sepul yer..hehehe..
me : elehh..suka2 jer..
fren:alahai, mcmlah baru kenal ko..dulu ko nyer entry blog cam citer2 kelakar jer.. plus ko pun mmg lawak..kekekeke..ha..tak pun sebab kawan2 ko yg best dah balik dah..
me kot..tak perasan lah..
fren:takpe2..u'll be fine, finish ur MEng, balik Msia and u will definitely be fine and happy as u used to be..insyallah.. kitak ya tu lah..***** sgt..kekeke..

Well, the conversation did not end there, both of us keep talking about other things.. u know..girls talk..hehe...all I can say about this friend of mine, she knows me well! thanks..the best part of the conversation was the last line above.. haha.. balik Msia! does anybody got any clue what was the word (yg with the stars tu..hehe)..

okie..need to get a good sleep since I did not had it for like 4 days..*huh..till then, quote of the day,

"A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself.."


*Me juk de matah,

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