Friday, November 05, 2004

baju raya


As usual.doa for today,

Doa Ramadan: Hari Kedua Puluh Dua
"Ya Allah, bukakan bagi ku pintu kelebihan dan turunkan bagi ku keberkatan mu. Berilah kepada ku untuk melakukan sesuatu yang mendatangkan keredaan Mu dan tempatkan aku dalam syurga Mu yang luas, wahai penjawab doa orang dalam kesempitan."

hola! received a parcel again yesterday.. guess what?? hehe..baju raya :P my family hantar..usually, parcel sampai jer mestinak amik gambar kan, but this time i will not do so.. nanti tak surprise dah baju raya aku..hehe..kuih raya are on the way as well...huhu..but this time, it was the other guy who delivered the parcel.. hehe..mesti org lama tu serik kot ngan kitaorang..

anyway, ive got a card raya from a friend but with a brown envelope (its weird having card raya inside a brown envelope) heheh..this friend of mine said that she forgot to take the white envelope together when she bought the card raya..but hey, who cares kan.. thanks for the thought..!! aku agak terharu gak ngan apa yg ko tulis kat dalam card touches me deep inside! tp yg tak tahan tu, kad raya dia title - Istimewa buat Perantau.. yelah weyy..perantau giler aku ni..hehe..THANKS again! satu lagi dari Lia.. ipoh mali.. THANKS jugak lia.!!rindu kat ko...

And today, after sahur & solat i went back to bed (that is not the usual thing i always do) ive been struggling doing those assignments - management & marketing hence, not enuff sleep, tired, depressed... u cant imagine how tough the engineering management was! huh..but alhamdulillah, i managed to submit it on time (after burning the midnight oil for 3 days?? too bad..) while the marketing asgnmt, luckily i have those ppl who are so in to business & marketing, so, they helped me with it.. the downside of it was, they argued bout my answers just 2 hours before the closing submittion time. hehehe.. gelabah lah jugak.. but ppl, u can tell.. of course they wanted the best for dats probably why kan..tima kasih byk222...

allrite..enuff said.. need to go to post office, bank and Tesco.. opss..lupa plak, ive changed the song..someone introduced me to the song..tata titi tutu.. c ya in a bit!

will update, as and when.. ciao.. wassalam..

its a dream and its a possibility,

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