Sunday, September 05, 2010



I woke up as early as 4am and baru je nak tido balik around 6am, my boy dah jaga.. now he's playing with his toys while I'm using my laptop. He seems to understand now, when mummy's on laptop tak kacau sgt dah (tgk mood..hehe).. same goes with solat..

Anyway, we are less than a week to celebrate Eid. Ilham has got his baju melayu, made by my mom and Ive also got mine already, which initially not supposed to be baju Raya (actually for something new to wear to office). But since amik dari tailor pun lambat, so terus consider baju Raya je lah..

Hubby's baju belum lagi.. he'll come home on Tuesday and we'll go for last minute shopping raya then.. Kuih raya done, big thanks to my mom yg tlg buat when she was in KK few weeks back.. hehe.. ada dlm 4 jenis dah..

Last Friday pulak I went to decor shop to buy curtain's railing (dah setahun pindah baru nak pasang langsir betul2..hehe), wallpaper and blinds.. when we moved into this house, we just bought the curtains at Servay supermarket.. all the bedrooms are having the old curtains from Seremban.. so you know, how much money you need to spend when you bought a house and these are the things (curtains, painting the house, wallpaper, blinds) that you will delay, to save more money and spent on more important things (like kitchen makeover..haha).. Anyway, I can't wait for the wallpaper and I hope Ive chosen the right pattern and colour.. (its kinda apple green - spring colours..hehe) I was in dilemma whether to go for a natural colour (beige, peach) which I think it won't have the contrast that much, coz my sofas are natural colour, same goes with tv rack.. finally green seems to be better kot, to add more fresh and vibrant surroundings.. sesuai sgt lah for those yg ada kids.. if kaler natural karang tak stimulate kids brain sgt.. we'll see the results on Tuesday nanti.. :p

Oh, this year is gonna be my 1st raya in KK.. uhuk..uhuk.. 2nd day raya balik Sban dah.. hehe.. so of course, I'll be cooking like mad on Thursday and on 1 Syawal, coz my in laws will be here to celebrate Eid together..

Oklah then, will update again once, before Eid insyaAllah.



zurahimi muslim said...

Nanti amek gambar dalam rumah! :)

~Mrs Fred~ said...

yezz. harus nanti.. tunggu malam ni ahh.. :p.. harap2 cantik..risau je aku ni.. ko tau lah, tgk dalam buku cantik jer..sekali lekat kat dinding karang lain pulak jadi..

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