Thursday, January 28, 2010

E I G H T & T W O


Our son has turned eight last Sunday. Amazing of how time flies really2 fast. Sometimes I wish I could freeze the time or turn back to the past.

Then, I realized that I havent took that much photo of my cheeky boy lately. Jan & Feb would be the busiest month of the year and I tend to forgot a lot of things around this time. Good example would be my husband's birthday lah kan.. hehe.. sorry cayang!

Anyway, Ilham is now learning to walk and of course, he already got his first word, which is Dad..dy.. or dadada dihh.. ! Can you believe it! Not even a mmmm. He stands steadily now, if let go bolehlah tahan a few seconds. The caretaker at nursery always say that he's a very active boy. Cergas katanya, not like a 8 months baby. Alhamdulillah, so far no problem lah kat nursery.

Next week plak, 2 Feb is my 2nd anniversary! cepatnya lah kann.. rasa cam baru je kahwin.. hehe.. I really hope that I won't forget that special day. Am planning for a special dinner, tp mana lah nak letak budak kecek ni kan. Plus, Tuesday pun is hubby's crew change day.

OKlah, I better go now. I have a pile of baju yg blum berlipat (usually done by superdaddy..:p).



Leeya said...

hehehe..kalau jd jiran akak leh la tlg jagakan budak kecek tuuu..hehehe

~Mrs Fred~ said...

haa..tu lahh.. sib baik ada jugak jiran yg ok nak jaga dia..

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