Wednesday, January 27, 2010

570, Can I?


mata dah ngantuk sebenarnya, tp still nak update jugak. Been extremely busy in the office, more and more work coming, be it planned or unplanned. Next week I'll be in Labuan for a week, for another terminal gas shutdown - not in the list of planned shutdown. The FPSO (not operated by P3t) have a riser replacement ke installation - tak sure so they are the shutdown driver. Kitaorang ni ikut je lah, by the way PVs kat situ pun CF dah nak expire on 18Feb.

Anyway, Zura dah pass 510 exam (jelesnya aku!!). She's also an engineer with a son, so nothing is impossible, right? I have planned to sit for the 570 exam, tp mcm takde determination yg sgt tinggi. Keje mmg sgtttttt byk kat ofis and sometimes I feel like crying out loud. Mcm dah tak boleh cope je and time flies really fast. This year I alsohave a capex project, which takes up most of my time just to ensure that Im utilizing my budget on time (which so not!haha).

Maybe I should give a shot. No harm trying, kalau tak pass nak buat mcmana lah kan. At least try dulu.

So, start dari esok nak gi opis awal, kul 5-6pm study API. Malam mmg janji tinggal janji je lah. huahuahua.. unless Hubby is around.

Now I really need my superdaddy to be at home. Cepatlah hari Selasa.


CuppyCakeMommy said...

gud lak babe

zurahimi muslim said...

wes ko sure bolehnya. Kite provekn kat department lain tu yg kite ni certified n competent. Ni asyik nk mengata kat m* i je hampeh tul. Gudlak!

Leeya said...

goOdLuck akak.. nnt bg email ye..nak invite

~Mrs Fred~ said...

cupcake: tq!

zura: btol, aku setju..bikin panas jer diaorang ni..haha


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