Monday, September 14, 2009

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Sorry, this blog has been hiatus for quite some time. This Ramadhan is a very busy month indeed, tiring and a challenged one for sure. Since hubby left for offshore which was 2 weeks ago, life has never been easy. Ive lost 4 kilos semenjak itu and now Im having flu - running nose and fever sikit2. Maybe its just to much to cope with, sleepless nights and tight schedule at work. I just can't wait for hubby to come home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cepatlah masa berlalu (Im crying out loud while writing this).

Im actually waiting for my ordered pizza. Lepas berbuka baru order.. huhu. Luckily my Adreeyan dah tido, tak cranky sgt tadi although mula2 cam nangis2 jugak nak tido. Dah lah tgh tak larat nak dodoi dia, kepala berat sgt. So tadi sib baik sekejap je kena dodoi. At first nak beli kat bazaar Ramadhan, tp nak jalan pun cam tak larat dah.. last2 decided nak order pizza jer.

My baby drinks a lot nowadays and midnight at least 2 kali he will demand for it. At nursery they said that he now drinks 5 oz every one and a half hour! Usually everyday at least 4 bottle habis. Malam bagi direct feeding jer. The demand is higher than the producing milk! If rajin I'll pump 4x, kalau malas 2x jer. Depends lah, sometimes penat sgt, tgh pump boleh tido. Sib baik pakai FS, taklah byk sgt energy nak kena kuar untuk pump..huhu. So everyday I have to make sure that I have at least 3 bottle of 5oz. Alhamdulillah so far dpt jugaklah, average per day dpt 3 bottle of 5 oz, 1 bottle of maximum 3 oz. The next morning I'll supply the freshly expressed milk + 1 frozen stock. By Friday my frozen stock will be GONE!! GONE..GONE.. duhhsshh..sedey2.. tak pernah dpt stock more than 10 tiap2 kali weekend kena keja keras untuk top up and target production mesti at least 6-8 packet of 5 oz. Time hubby takde ni kena pandai2 curi masa nak mengepam, coz kalau Ilham jaga, semua keje susah nak buat. Kat ofis pun sometimes ada meeting the whole day, by afternoon mmg ada leakage dah.

Uh. I agreed very much with those who said bfeeding is not an easy journey. Sgt memerlukan pengorbanan, kesabaran to the max and support from hubby, especially. Alhamdulillah my husband has been very supportive about this (yela, tak yah dia spend money for formula milk.. haha). Dia selalu bagi bagi reminder and semangat untuk mengepam.. ;)

Oklah.. jap lagi pizza nak sampai. InsyaAllah before raya nanti I'll update something. dah berat jer kepala ni, tp perut lapar..uhuk2..


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