Saturday, September 19, 2009



I'm exactly 29th years old today and I feel old.

For the first time ever, my birthday falls one day before Hari Raya. Syukur alhamdulillah, still here to celebrate this special day.

But, not so much celebration eh, coz tgh busy masak rendang, ketupat and segala. Ni pun curi2 masa nak online, coz my cheeky boys (ilham + daddy) tgh tido.

Last year, on this very special day I got the news that I was pregnant. It was the most special gift on earth that anyone could have.

So for this year (no no no - no pregnancy news again yerr..hehe), hubby bought me a sandal for Hari Raya. He wanted to give a watch as a gift (he knew that I suka sgt Tissot), but at the moment, its not that important. Hubby has been such a wonderful daddy, husband & friend to me so I couldn't ask for more. Tapi if dia nak bagi jugak Ok jer.. hehe..

Maybe ada sikit2 jer lah celebration, beli cake and malam ni time org datang takbir raya kat rumah boleh suruh diaorang baca doa selamat sket.. ptg ni pun anak2 buah yg nakal balik, mesti diaorang yg sibuk2 nak tiup lilin.. hehe..

Oklah, thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Mintak maaf zahir & batin and Eid Mubarak to everyone!

fiZZa, freDDy & baby aDreeYan..


^ez^ said...

happy besday kak..tua ke? ala...muda lagi tu.ape la ada pada nombor kan? hihi...

ez doakan yg terbaik utk akak..take care..and enjoy ur raya..

zurahimi muslim said...

epi bday! blum 3 lagi kat depan tu kire muda aa..;p

CuppyCakeMommy said...

happy befday..its lucky 29

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