Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back!


Finally I got a chance to blogging! I'm currently moved to my friend's house until next Wednesday and the internet connection here is excellent. Her family is coming to KK for a vacation and I offered her my place so kira kitaorang swap lah ni. Hubby is now at offshore and he also agreed.

Btw, the trip to OZ was wonderful. The first 3 days were cold as Autumn but then the temperature changed to 27 deg. Gosh! It was so damn hot & warm. True that ppl say in Melbourne you can get 4 season in a day.

I have to yet to upload all the pics yet, but I promise Ill share with you later keh. It will be a very long entry if update semua so I'll do it sikit2 keh. Maybe boleh start with my cousin's wedding and of course the babymoon trip!


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