Monday, November 17, 2008



So sorry, I know I have promised to update, but somehow lately Ive been tight with work, lots and lots of work.

I get tired easily now, I think its because of the pregnancy. So the momentum keje pun mmg less. I have to prepare for a presentation material, to be presented to the management on Wednesday. But so far I have only 5 slides. Penatnya nak fikir what to write!

Hubby is back to offshore this morning and I didnt cry! Huhu. Maybe I already knew that he'll be coming back in a week time. However, this Friday I'll be going back to KL for a training in Mines Resort from 25th - 27th. 24th amek leave so dpt balik free for Hana's wedding! hehe. Good planning kan. Actually, my paper was almost selected for a big forum on 24th & 25th. Lunch time they called, cakap paper selected.. pastu dah ptg call balik cakap tak dpt.. tension tak.. memberi harapan palsu tul.. But, hard luck, the committee members decided to pull out my paper since it is considered sensitive paper?? huh. bukannya org lain, same organization anyway. That's not a big deal. They are scared of the truth, as my manager said. Its about the flowline leak case study which I think more to lesson learnt lah kan.. Anyway, he tried to push the paper but somehow I'm not that excited to present anymore so let it be. I think its already finalised so try lenkali je lah kan. Lagipun, of course I dont want to miss my fren's wedding!


Oh, in the previous entry I mentioned about new gadget kan. Well, here it is. I bought a Canon 400D camera! Second hand, but 3 months old only. My officemate nak upgrade himself - beli Canon 50D so he offered me his camera. Of course not for free lah kan. But its a good deal I guess. But I haven't got time to get familiar with the camera yet. Seriously takde masa.

So oklah.. tu jer.. I need to finish up the slides. Update later k. Tata!

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