Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even harder


Wow. I finally got the time to update. This afternoon the organization will be having a session with all operating companies throughout the world. Its an important one, but I dont think I could sit for that long. I'm having backpain, coz yesterday beria sgt masak. Few friends were invited to my house semalam, for a so-call-hari-raya makan2 but close invitation jer (girls only) since my husband dah balik offshore. Tak larat nak ajak ramai2. The menu was ikan sembilang salai masak lemak cili api, sotong masak sambal, ikan siakap kukus + air asam and kailan ikan masin. Shikin brought ice cream for desert. TQ Shik!

Im homealone again, as usual yesterday my hubby left for offshore. Actually, since pregnant I tried not to cry when sending him at the aiport coz it might affect the baby kan. Nanti dia jadi drama queen laks.. hehe.. However, it seems hard and even harder coz he's been too kind during my pregnancy. He'll make sure, the house is clean - he hoovered, mop, laundry, lipat kain, kemas pinggan, basuh toilet a day before his crew change, which is on Monday. I'll just have to cook, sit back & relax. He wants to make sure that masa dia takde I won't be doing heavy work, tahu2 je lah Im the domestic goddess in cleaning so ada je benda nak buat.

I did mentioned yg I dont have any morning sickness kan, tp you know what, my husband is! Bila pergi pasar dia yg kerut2 muka pening (loya) and sampai rumah terus tido. Pity him. He's allergic dgn bau masakan. Tp he doesn't want to show off so dia control macho jer sampai rumah baru cakap coz that day I was craving for Kenny Rogers tp dia sebenarnya tak tahan bau kat restaurant tu. Cian dia.

So you tell me, what makes it easy for me to see him leaving?

p/s: next entry I'll update on my new gadget and few pics from Hari Raya celebration at our office.

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Ibu Emir said...

u have ur baby to talk too :)

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