Thursday, September 11, 2008

Younger or Older?


Hi there. Im now in Sban and finally today I found my all time fav food - char kuey teow with lotsss of kerang at the bazaar nearby!! Since kat Bangi cari tapi yg ada pun agak mengecewakan. But alhamdulillah, tercapai jugak hajat.. hehe..

So, that's all I had during berbuka. My ulcer is getting worse, tgh baru nak pecah kot tu yg sakit giler ni. After Isya' tadi, I met my eversince childhood bf-best friend and we had a nice chat at Jusco Starbucks. Few weeks ago I was surprised, well, actually tak surprised sgt pun when she told me dah putus tunang. See, I didnt like that guy pun and I knew he's not right for her. I mean, she deserves someone better, much better. She told me I was in her mind when she decided to break the engagement. Hehe. And of course, I was totally right. Tp, after all, bukan jodoh lah namanya kan.

Tulah bila we were chit-chatting tadi kitaorang tergelak2 lah coz dia cakap dia boleh imagine myself saying - "See, I told you that he's too young for you.." Her x-boyfrens dulu pun semua younger than her, younger-younger, if you know what I mean. haha. But finally, she ended the session with a great news, she met this one guy, which is older and they are getting married soon!! Alhamdulillah. Finally.

Tp bukan semua younger guys ni tak OK, some are OK - depends on how they were brought up. For me, I would prefer the old ones (well, I did kan!) coz org yg degil sket cam aku ni akan dgr cakap org lebih tua.. will have more respect.. kalau sebaya atau lebih muda ni org tua2 cakap sama2 darah muda, sama2 ego.. But then, ada jugak my frens yg married with younger guys/sebaya, and they are more than happier.. :) Again, Allah akan jadikan jodoh kita tu yg terBAIK untuk kita, yg mungkin kita tak nampak hikmahnya at first.. tp Allah sahaja yg tahu. wallahualam. Yg penting kita kena yakin & percaya, insyaAllah.

Back to my bf's story,you always have this gut feeling about our bf kan. She can tell whether the guy is right for your or not. So, I always trust my bfs and they are always right. Of courselah our parents lagi tahu what is best for us, tp sometimes there are things that you will not share with parents, but you shared everything with your bf. Apapun, dari ko saja - ni cakap org Sabah meaning, only you knows..

klah.. catch up with you later, maybe in KK. InsyaAllah.

Wassalam. Taa!!

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