Tuesday, September 09, 2008



Hi there! Me little bored here, so I decided to write on something.

Yesterday I arrived in Bangi, tp the testing tak jadi semalam, postponed to this morning so I had 'free time' to go SHOPPIng!! As expected, IK34 is of course my most fav place. Bought few decoration thingy, biasalah nak raya ni kan.. nak decorate rumah in KK. Last week baru lepas cat rumah, so then all the idea datang nak buat mcm2.. hehe.. Penat sgt semalam. mcm nak tercabut kaki.. haha

And today rasa tak sedap badan, especially at the back and my tummy - kat tpt yg kena operate dulu. Lately I've been experiencing macam sharp pain at the tummy and mcm bisa2 jer kat belakang.. I dunno why, but seriously I'm a bit worried. Bila berdiri lama2 or jalan jauh2 mmg terasa lah kebas2 kat perut and at kat belakang tak yah cakap lah. Lagi teruk. I skipped my tarawih on last weekend hari tu coz of the back pain. Pasal beria sgt masak untuk berbuka, siap buat kuih lagi tu yg lama berdiri kat dapur. Hubby was attending his tutorial, so I was all alone doing all the cooking. If tak dia yg tolong clearkan dapur and basuh2 pinggan, which I think is the most tedious work. hehe. Tadi pun masa testing mmg lama giler berdiri, luckily the thing finished earlier so me & colleague went back to the hotel and get some sleep.

Well, I think I will quit (for a while) playing futsal and keep things slow down a litle bit until I see a doctor to check if everyhings fine.

And AGAIN, Im having ulcer.. *duhh..

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