Thursday, April 10, 2008

a quick one!


Seriously I got not time to even reading my blog, apatah lagi blog2 lain. Really occupied with work..lots and lots of work. Biasalah. Its the beginning of the FY. Tp now I'm feeling so exhausted and at least for the next 3 days.. huhu..

Ni pun curi2 time nak update, Ive just finished cooking. Tonite kitaorang nak keluar dating2..hehe.. I was asking him to bring me out for some western dinner and gi makan cake at secret recipe. ni semua gara2 tension. Oh! Not to forget, I got ULCER, again. So, you know right, its my sign of stress. huhu.. but Alhamdulillah, my dearest hubby sgt helpful and understanding.. He help me to sidai + lipat baju, basuh pinggan, kemas dapur and kekadang bila pagi lambat gi keje tu dia tolong pack kan my things and my sport attire. :) dah jadi terbalik plaks.. dia pun bgn lagi awal.. haha..

anyway, sgt hectic now ni, coz every weekdays ada volleyball training for our coming Bor*eo Game, kitaorang host this year. Every Friday pulak ada futsal. Saturday swimming class. If ada volley I have to cook every night or early morning for my husband's dinner. nanti kesian dia kelaparan nak tunggu lepas habis volley. dia jenis tak nak makan luar, he prefer to have nasi + ikan goreng pun jadi, janji makan kat rumah.

Ive been also travelling like mad to Labuan. nak tgk progress of my project and I seriously feels like killing my contractors. haha. dahlah slow, pastu ada main tipu2 laks tu.. nasib baik lah Allah nak tunjuk awal2..

Oklah.. I really have to go. Take care!


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