Friday, January 11, 2008

Counting days


Hello everyone! Sorry, been too busy lately. Nak tulis apa pun tak tahu ni.. hehe.. coz takde yg menarik this week.. its all about work. boring kan.

But anyway, tomorrow kitaorang ada 'teambuilding', other words for family day. Coz if pakai family day nanti budget tak approve. I first decided to attend the 4th session, tp bila check2 balik clash pulak dgn Samarang shutdown. Yg session2 lain tu tgh cuti kahwin. *wink* So last2 minute luckily they still got room extra rooms, for me & Mr F. Opps, bukan sebilik. Tapi lain2 bilik. hehe

So, most probably esok lusa lah baru update keh. This week & next week mmg bz giler. Ada byk sgt meeting & training yg on the same dates. Camne lah nak attend. Tak faham tul diaorang ni.

OKlah. Looking forward for tomorrow. Tp camera hosmet pinjam lak. So takleh nak bergambar beria2.


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