Friday, November 09, 2007

hold on little girl..


Good morning everyone. I was away from office for a training in Bangi, yet today still in KL to attend a meeting at our consultant's office. So basically, that explains why there are no updates for the past week. Furthermore, the hotel where I stayed from Mon-Wed did not provide free internet access, which is rather pathetic. Well, everybody knows most of the hotels in KL now provides internet for free, but I guess the practise has not been spread out in Bangi, yet.

But anyway, I'll write just a quick update.

My dearest father is not in a good condition lately. I've been trying to track all my medical friends in KL asking for opinion - kat mana the best neuro specialist. So as adviced by a friend, yesterday we brought him to PPUM (emergency). Very excellent service and even the doctor at the emergency checked him like a neuro specialist, even though he's not one of them, I supposed. He must be a peditrician.. ahh.. dont know how to spell.. My father did go to HKL, tp you know, he had to go through all the procedures. Dah pergi clinic Neuro at HKL to then diaorang cakap they will give a call once the specialist is available. Tak tahulah bila. So while I'm still here baik bawak dia terus gi tpt lain.

So tu je lah update. I really want to write more, but blum mandi lagi and nak gi meeting dah nanti.

Till then, please pray for my father, to get back as normal. Although it's not critical yet, but it really worries me a lot, OK. Thanks!


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