Friday, November 16, 2007



Well, as I have mentioned before, I am not able to update or browse any kind of blog web page anymore at office. But anyway, looking on the bright side, I think that so far I have delivered my task quite well. Haha. No more surfing.

At office I was so eager to go home so that I could update something here, however, due to a job responsibility as a multitasking engineer + kulicutive, I had to stay longer and work extra hours without getting any reward for it. Sad it is.

Takpelah, I believed things always happen for a very good reason. So, let it be. Just give what they want.

I personally think that I am quite stress out this week. Its very depressing, I got tooth ache + ulcer which makes it a good package without any benefits. Since last week lagi actually and dah pergi dentist kat Seremban. Antibiotic dah habis but the pain was still there. Lagi teruk!! So I was suffering for 3 days, on Wednesday ptg baru dpt appointment with a good dentist here. She said it was penyakit gusi (hmm.. she mentioned the scientific name for it but I couldnt understand or even to spell the word). Sakit giler masa treatment. Got 3 injections..ouwcchh.. meleleh sekejap air mata.. tapi alhamdulillah, today its getting better. In 2 weeks time I have to meet her again.

Then, Wed & Thurs bz attending training. Glas that it was a good session, telling the whole blockbuster story about quality principles in our company. Tp while I was training there were a lot of issues with projects, kena follow up, arrange logistic, its just such a mess. Then tadi I was struggling to compile our section bulletin, which I thought they could have asked someone else to do it since I was attending training. Too bad I was the only who have that kind of thought. Demmit.

Agak tension coz tomorrow I have to go back to KL. I need to witness a welding test at Kemaman (of all other places!). Huh. Dahlah benda tu kejap jer.. tapi travelling time jer will takes about 2 days. Giler betul. After this we need to specify clearly in contract document, fabrication mesti kat Labuan. If macam ni jer, letih la aku.. Ni pun tak tido malam struggle nak siapkan presentation slide. Dah lama manager mintak tp malas nak buat. But after attending Quality Session tu barulah semangat sikit. hehe.

K lah..dah ngantuk giler. C ya later.

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