Friday, September 28, 2007

Rainy Friday


Huhu..feels like updating the blog this morning.. it was raining the whole night, tak sedar langsung..hehe.. dahlah tidur seawal minit pertama.. kul 8.30 dah tidur.. coz yesterday we had a Majlis Berbuka Puasa with Anak2 Yatim here in our office.. I personally think that last year's activities were so much fun and we really had a good time among the anak2 yatim.. maybe last minute kot this year.. so that's cam kelam kabut sikit..However, I was surprised when a few of them still remembered me as their facilitator last year.. huhu.. so this year I had the same adik2 in my group.. coz they requested so.. dahlah comel2..hehe will be a busy day..yes, it's Friday tp I'm having a few meeting and need to settle everything before end of next week coz dah nak BALIK RAYA!! Yehaaa.. best nyaa.. actually dah takde mood dah pun ni nak keje.. hehe.. mood raya jer dah.. jap lagi nak gi cari kad raya kat opis ni.. ntah apasal this year lambat sgt kad raya dpt.. org dah nak cuti tp kad tak dpt2 lagi..

till then, have a nice weekend (mine will be a busy shopping weekend) and selamat berpuasa!!


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