Thursday, September 06, 2007

expect the unexpected


Now, Im in the mood for blogging-like mad. My roommate took off to KL this afternoon and I am left alone in the room. And suddenly all the ideas datang mencurah2. Maybe coz Im keeping something inside and have no one to talk too, for now. Of course you dont tell everyone, right. But at least there is someone. I know for sure that my roommate always a good listener, very good at keeping secret as well. So I trust her a lot.

But anyway, since she is not around, I feel like writing it here...


Not that dramatic, you see. But this was a very tragic moment for me. When I first accepted the offer to come here (Sabah), the job being offered was seriously out of my scope and I have never thought of it before. Nevertheless, I accepted it, just for the sake of 'a personal thingy' which I will not mention here. haha.

A friend of mine said that I can always change the position once Im in Sabah. Well, I'm afraid its not happening my friend. But I dont blame him. He was right. It did happen before, few times, if you are lucky enuff.

Then, a year goes by, during the review I told my boss straight to his face that I dont like my current job. I dont have the passion doing this kind of thing. Its definitely not my thing. Well, some of you could imagine how I said that. The boss said, OK he will try to talk to the manager.

And he did, however, my boss himself didnt want me to change to the other section. But what he told me was, the manager didnt release. Damn. See, bosses always know how to lie.

I then took the news positively. Maybe I perform very well in this section, oh yeah right! Tell me bout it. So I just let it be.

2. Suddenly, when I came back to office, after 3 weeks in offshore, I heard rumours in the office that there's a vacant in a position (that I was dying to get). To make it worse, it wasn't me who is going to fill in the blank. It was somebody, who never ever complaining bout his/her current job and never mentioned that he/she wanted to move to that particular section.

I was so damn frustrated, almost cried, demotivated and immediately apply to run away from the office, attending a training in KL. So I took the next day flight.

See. That was what I meant by expect the unexpected..

What happen to the boss? He was transferred to KL. Last week was his last momento in Sabah. Great! Now who will speak with the manager? NO ONE.

Now Im accepting the fact that there is no wayy I change position. Pasrah je lah. Since now we are lack of manpower in this section so I dont think the manager will release me somehow. Too bad eh. Stuck in the middle of the road.

My senior will be the new section head. Im now currently doing two 'multimillion' project with him and you know what to expect next right. haha. I'll be handling the project all by myself then. How nice!

I'm thinking of running away again next week, to offshore instead. Not staying in the quarters, but work barge. There will be the commissioning next week, it would still be OK if Im not around but I think I might consider going. Wrong place, but at the right time.

Huhu. I need a saviour.


Ibu Emir said...


sekurang2 nya anda bekerja di syarikat yang saya gile-gile nak bekerja. Saya rasa banyak lagi orang yang seperti saya hendak berada di tempat anda..

Eh asal skema erk :p

emmachann said...

Dear Ibu Emir,

Ha ah.. that's what make me stay. If tak dah lama cabut. hehe.

Takpe, there's always a hidden hikmah.. we never know kan..


Thanks for stopping by!

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