Monday, July 30, 2007

A long way home..


Finally I'm back after 2 weeks kan..

So exhausted, after got back from offshore terus masuk office.. I have plans, actually.. I save it for the last.. hehe.. sebabnya this Friday & next week nak amik cuti.. ada training in KL so teruslah sekali cuti..huhu..

Anyway, I think there's nothing much to write for now..coz I am too sleepy & tired so before mengarut2 I better stop here.. Eson pulak ada training the whole day, nasib baik accomodation provided but the hotel tu dekat je ngan ofis and 10 minutes away from home.. so its not that far.. the reason they provided accomodation coz tak nak org balik2 ofis.. ye lah.. mahal2 bayar consultant tp yg datang tak ramai..hehe..

Klah.. esok2 lah citer lagi kehh..byee!!

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