Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sh*t does happen


I really wanted to take some time off from blogging, but then today is just too much.

I've lost my purse which was given by my mom.

Don't give a d*mn bout the credit cards, ATM Cards, ING card, staff ID card, licence, IC and the money.. All I care about is the pictures inside it, as well as my Sheffield student card. You know, all the sentimental values. I certainly know that I won't be able to get the picture from that person anymore, he's mad at me and I believed that its unforgiven.

I can't take it anymore, I've been trying to handle it the best I could and I took a long holiday 2 weeks ago. Came in to the office 2 days ago, hoping that everything will be just fine, its just a matter of time. Tapi bila hilang purse tu hari ni I feel so sad, I cried ( real one) this morning sampai all my colleagues semua cemas coz I never act like that before. I'm always the one who make noises and singing loudly..haha.. and my workstation has variety of food, so its been a favourite spot for coffee break or gossipping. Some sort of cafe, you can say.

Tapi I always know, everything happens for a reason. For good, insyaAllah. I will still be going to KL for the JTC Sitting kejap lagi, flight kul 1700pm. Luckily I'm still using my passport to come in/out to KK. Hope it goes well tomorrow, so that I'll be a workoholic (oh! so not me!) and at least I have no time to think of the past. What past is past, kan?

I'm taking a day off on Friday coz I prefer to settle up everything in Seremban. Need to go to JPN, JPJ, Bank..haii..macam2 lagi..sabar je lah.. Will be back to KK on Sunday. Huhu. Baru je balik, dah balik lagi.. to go..bye!

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