Monday, October 24, 2005

So good to be home....


yey! finally back in Malaysia, after a long way home. And I did not read The Undomestic Goddess in the flight since I was way too sleepy & tired.

Anyway, so glad that I am home now. Need to tidy up my room, in fact I think I do need a bigger wardrobe. Didnt realize how much stuff & clothes Ive bought while I was studying in UK until I got home. hehe..

I slept early on the day I arrived. The next day, early morning dah pergi rumah my first brother, my sister in law baru bersalin.huhu..bertambah sorang lagi anak buah. Her name is Nurdhian Alisya bt Fizral Izwan. Sorang lagi coming soon, insya-Allah this Wednesday. Tu my 2nd brother punya yg serik ni..tahun ni kena buat kuih sorang2..

Btw, thanks to Lia, Nuhaa, Ujang & Badrul for the kad raya!! wowweee..bestnya..baru balik terus dpt kad raya..hehe..

Oklah..will update later. Please take note that I am using a dial-up connection. *sigh..


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