Sunday, September 11, 2005

birthday wishes for Virgo Lady..


Wow! it been ages since the last post. Been busy, not with studies obviously but as a full time cleaner. I have become an obsessive cleaner because of that. Don't blame me.hehe..

Its been raining all day, since last night. Of course, its cold. Indeed its very cold, Im telling you. My house is well known for its 'freezin' atmosphere, regardless the season. Yes, summer pun sejuk. How amazing!

Right, today is a special day for a very special person. Dont get me wrong, his birthday had past already. Its my bestest friend (from SM Teknik PD) birthday, Halimahtuzahrah Shamsudin a.k.a Ima-Sky. So for Ima-Sky, here are some bits for you.

To my favourite Ima-sky,

Happy 2Xth birthday. May Allah bless all you 2X years and dimurahkan rezeki. Bahagia dunia akhirat, amin.

Wish you many happy returns.



Then, I found this article in the net. It says,

For those who were born today
Happy Birthday: You may have to take care of business for someone else. Balance will be needed and structure enforced so you don't lose sight of your own needs. Be prepared to adapt to the circumstances you find yourself in and make it work for you. -- Birthday Baby: Talk about passion and exhilaration enough to follow your heart and your dreams. You have what it takes to put together and follow through with a life plan. You are a doer who has precision, practicality and vision.

Today's Motivational Quote
"The things taught in school are not an education but a means to an education."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today's Wisdom from around the World
"It is easier to talk than to hold one's tongue."
-Greek Proverb

Your horoscope for today
You may find it difficult to express your true feelings today. Be careful not to let someone get away with something because you are too shy. It's up to you to protect yourself.

Today's Chinese Proverb
"What is fated to be yours will always return to you."

Hmm..nice one, huh?

There will be more birthday wishes coming this week. I'll have updates on those special days, InsyaAllah (excluding mine). And you will be suprised to know how many SMTPDians are celebrating their birthdays this month, especially when 3 of them are my bestest buddies.

See ya. Have a nice weekend.

P/s: Sorry, no pics of me & Ima-sky. The only pics left are the one where I looked chubby. Oh God, that was a nightmare!

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