Wednesday, August 31, 2005

this is for real..


Ahaa..I was late for work again. Sakit kepalak. So I couldn't hear the alarm.

Anyway, as the bicycle had been taken away by tuan punya, I walked as far as only-god-knows for 40 minutes. That was one way, folks. So if a return journey should be 80 minutes. *Aiyakk..

Not sure for how long I will survive, but I guess for now I'm alright (Yeah, I lied). Let's see what will happen in the few coming days.

Family and friends, I will be back to Malaysia insyaAllah on the 21st or 28th October. huhu.. Sizzzlers, take note tau!! Boleh buat reunion ek..

And..I've bought a flight ticket to Kuching!! Yesss.. Jika tiada aral melintang, it should be on the 23rd November. Emmy's sister is getting married, so she insisted me to come. Well, its a good oppurtunity then cause I would really love to get involved in the ceremony. Confirm meriah!! Been to a wedding ceremony in Sarawak before, but gi makan jer. So tak real sgt. Hehe.. Furthermore, it is still in Raya month. I'll definitely have lots and lots of kek lapis swak and laksa sarawak, which are totally my favourite dishes.

List of people I am dying to meet in Sarawak:
a. My foster family (definitely!)
b. Emmy's family
c. Norsurya Elyana
d. Yanti in Sibu
e. Suryati in Sarikei
f. I (bukan nama sebenar)
g. Abg Erwin & his family (another seafood eating session lagik??.hehe)
h. Sue Fen

Whoaa..ramainya..mcmlah sempat nak gi Sibu & Sarikei tu. I will not make promises that I can't keep but I'll try my best, OK? But Yanti, kamek nang rindu menar ngan kitak eh..mun sik sempat ngabas kitak di Sibu, kitak turun Kuching keh? ;) (Folks, just ignore the language)

Okie dokie. That's all for now peeps. Take care and have a nice day.

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HR said...

Hi Emma... welcome back *hugs..

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