Monday, August 22, 2005

couldn't say more..

Salam everyone.

I am still waiting for Cinot's wedding pics from Ima-sky. But till then, I'll write something for today's entry.

Just got back from London, balik hari. Tired, tired and exhausted. Of courselah kan. Since I've been sleeping like mad on the way back home, bila balik rumah tak boleh tido. So then I'm in front of my pc now. Thinking what to write.

I'm not sure whether some of you are a regular reader of thedatindiaries. But I do. Bila terlebih rajin baca blog orang. I must say her latest entry really hits me, just nice.

Well, I couldn't say more.

Time to sleep. Esok keje. *aiyakk..


1 comment:

aLiaH said...

haha..thedatindiaries..sometimes it really hits me too !! haha..kembali ke bentuk asal ni..hopefully sumanya dah ok yea !

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