Tuesday, June 21, 2005

when the going gets tough..


London was so hot and the interview did not go well. Haha. I told ya, I dont really feel like going in the first place. But changed my mind on Saturday morning, since I have told my parents about the interview. So, I went, just for the sake of my parents.

Tak kisahlah. Rezeki ada di mana2 and things happen for reasons. OH God, it was so depressing masa case study until I gave up, which I rarely do and said - I have no other points to say. That's about it. So, I guess you can tell what could be the outcome.

I have started packing my things and now the room felt empty without those posters, pictures and cards. Tomorrow, I'll pack the magazines and books pulak. Yey!! Excitednya nak balikk!! *grin*

Oklah. I'm going to go and watch Ali@s. See ya.


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