Saturday, June 25, 2005

from London to an Extreme Makeover : room edition



Me@Greenwich border line.

OK, sorry folks for not having any updates. Am doing totally fine but have been extremely busy since got back from London helping out my so-called new housemate - Seri (Kamychann, dia tetap adekmu jua..hehe) moving into my house. Too bad, she did not like the colour & stripes in the room, hence decided to paint it.

But first thing first, need to kemas the store so that we can store the stuffs of previous tenant of the room (dia tumpang letak barang until she comes back). Hell yes, the store was completely a mess. Then, the next day gi beli paint and yesterday cat..

The paint.

Luckily, Syukur offered to help us. So we spent the whole day semalam painting the room and alhamdulillah we managed to finish it before midnight. :) Thanks mate!

That's me. Was out of reach.;)

What's next?- Extreme Makeover : Home Edition plaks. Wait and see.

Mr s.a is extremely busy playing futsal lately which sometimes irritates me. Yeah2 I know, that is much-much better than doing something else like OK my friends, I got your point here but Im not calling from Seremban to Seremban. So I just hated it when I do have to call back in 20 minutes, or another 2 hours after. Takpun when he called back, I was working or tidur. *sigh. However, come to think of it, I am thankful that at least he plays futsal for real. *grin.

To my dear,

Keep on playing futsal but please considering leaving the game when I comes back to Malaysia for good, OK? ;)

Lots of Love,
A not-so-fanatic-fan of futsal.

Okie dokie. That's about it. Ill be off to London again this Monday. Will leave Sheffield as early as 6am. *sigh. Tak leh tido lama2.


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