Friday, June 03, 2005

gimme some momentum..


hye there! Im updating this from the library, which is not very pleasant.

LESSON NO 1 - Do not rely on your lecturer's solution even though he's a Dr/Professor. Well, people make mistakes, DONT they?

I was stuck while doing the tutorial. After a few decent (keyword: DECENT) attempt trying to solve the quetion, I finally found out that Mr lecturer did a few sillyio mistakes.*duhhhh.. I checked the final answer several times (yeah..yeah.. without looking at the jalankerja), comparing his and mine and wondering where the heck he got those numbers from. So now, Im taking a break. (a real break)

LESSON NO 2 - Do not treat yourself with an energy drink, e.g Red Bull especially on the exams weeks.

Yes, now Im like a walking zombie. Ive changed my sleeping time. Although I tried to go to bed early (not so early lah..around 3am) but I just cant close my eyes. I will fall asleep, eventually, but that would be like after 3 hours - around 5am. But, clever me, I choose to read story book/magazines instead of revising for my exam (nahhhhh..). Nice! Very nice.

All right then. I guess I better get going. My last paper will be one week from today. Lambat giloss! Why am I always the last one to finish?? OH, how depressing is that bila semua org dah habis and I am, still, innocently studying (ya rite!) *aiyakkkk

God bless & God speed!

P/s: Pardon me for all the spelling and languages errors, I cant be bothered to check 'em all.

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