Monday, May 30, 2005

you'll always be my idol..


Ahaa..yesterday was a girl's day out - me, Seri & Sarah. Bought myself a nice long cotton pants for just 3 pounds. Unbelievable!! Unbelievable! And wore it straight away when I went to the library at nite.

OH ya, the American Idol. Sad and frustrated with the results, however she - Carrie who is so called the wannabe country singer deserved to win indeed (only for that night, I guess she was lucky)! But BO BICE, you will always be my idol and yes, I just adore the way he performed, his smile (urghh.. sweet & so manly lah!) Also his appearance and the way he dressed - check out the American Idol website and see it for yourself. He got style!

I personally think that Bo is a different kind of rock star singer and thats what would make him different from others. Nevertheless, I like them both Carrie & Bo Bice, but of course again, I prefer him to be crowned as the Idol.

You rock, Bo! It was the choice of song kots. Everyhing's else was perfect. Takpe, I am convinced that he will sell out more records than her, cause he just got the it. Then again, I guess Carrie do need the title, so that she could be at the same level as the other American country singers, like Le Anne Rimes and Shania Twain. Lesson to be learnt, choose a good song and a well known song for a singing competition, baru lah ada chance nak menang. So anyone who's going for an audition, take note of this!

Oklah..gtg. Sempat lagi nak update before gi library..hehe..till we meet on TV again next year, American Idol Season 5!

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