Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a story about a weekend


sorry I didnt keep my promise last nite..so here I am telling u a story about a weekend..hehe..

I neither have the desire (due to stress and acute lack of sleep) nor the time (too much homework) to go into details, so I will briefly tell you how was my weekend in Edinburgh..

1st day (Friday)
Didnt do much, Iqin had a discussion with her classmate, so I was left all alone in her room (without any chance to chat coz her MAC laptop cannot run yahoo msgr or any kind of msgr!!). Then when she got back, we watched a Korean horror movie (agak scary gaks aa) pastu borak2..

2nd day (Saturday)
Went to IKEA (hehe..that is so me!) pastu jalan2 kat city of edinburgh..it was cold & windy (just like Sheffield today! its freezin man!!). That nite we had a nice dinner..hehe..dah lama tak makan nasi with lauk2 camtu..

3rd day (Sunday)
Tak keluar gi mana2 pun.was snowing & very2 windy on that day, so kitaorang pun malas nak keluar..just jalan2 tour campus jer..
then masak2 lagi..hehe..teringat time masak2 beramai-ramai kat haverlock or brunswick! rindu sehh.. pastu me & Iqien buat marathon tgh dvd..korean horror movie again (this time nyer mmg sgt menakutkan!)

4th day (Monday)
Woke up as early as 6pm..train was at 8am but since uni dia ni about 30 minutes from the city so kena keluar awal..Iqin tak hantar sampai station pun..sampai bus stop kat uni jer..hehe..

To sum up, I really had a nice weekend! bila nak kena balik Sheffield dah tak best dah..:( to my friend, Iqien thanx for everything..the best part was when we talked bout those days kat Convent Seremban and realized how bad & childish we were.. hehe (You have no idea bila sekolah ppuan jer semua..lagi gangster dari sekolah biasa..keke).But for me, it wasnt as great as kat teknik..

Okies..that's about it..nak tido2 sat..ngantuk lah..

till then, have a nice day!

*Big hugs


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