Monday, February 21, 2005

another boring & tired weekend


Its Sunday already! goshh!!*sigh

Didnt do much today, although somebody invited me to play badminton (OH Thanks!! finally someone did invite me!) but instead, I chosed to play netball..

I think there's problem with the FTP. Not sure how to fix it, maybe I should call T**e***t and complain or figure out what actually happened, but I cant be bothered to do that..biarlahkanlahh..

OK ppl, I dont really feel like writing or telling you guys how my boring weekend is. Am missing my X sepil mates badly,miss those times bila masak ramai2 (my cooking skills dah kurang ni.. since I havent cook for ages!)

That's too bad kan! How NICE - rough times these days, lots of homework, my dear is bz with his futsal, my family went for holidays, my bestest cousin is getting married real soon and bla.bla..bla..! I know. It's just unbelievable.

Nuff said.

*missing something real,

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