Wednesday, December 08, 2004

truth really hurts


sorryy..was in really bad mood yesterday, still am actually.. talking to ur closest fren when things are not going well would be the best thing to do..

I had this one hour conversation (thru skype)with ima-sky.. apa lagi..updates lah.. she was shocked to hear my story.. and so do I.. huh..I guess truth really hurts.. really222 do.. too bad u just have to face the fact and live with it...

Sometimes I do think about what might have been and could have been..I was so down and depressed yesterday, almost cried and i would say that was the worst situation ever..Ive been to many places but nothing like this u get what i mean?? nothing..

You have no rights to say about someone's pride, do always think about what u wanna say or else it might hurt someone's feeling.. do respect ppl, if u want to be respected by others..u cant take all the time..its all about give & take..NOBODY'S PERFECT..

Tony Parsons wrote that the thing in life is, there is no guarantee and if you want guarantees, you buy a toaster.. the good news is, as intimidating as this journey might seem, it can be the beginning of the most wonderful thing in life and all you need is a lot of LOVE, MUTUAL RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING...remember to apply common sense (and you'll need a lot of these), and try not to do anything STUPID..

Better stop here before I start swearing (things that I dun usually or occasionally do, and honestly, I HATE to do that!!)

God speed..!! wassalamm..

~truth really hurts~

p/s: ive changed back the song to Black Eyed Peas..hehe..yesterday was a mess.. :)

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