Sunday, December 12, 2004

chat day


woke up at half half 7 this morning.. luckily its winter, so still got the chance to perform subuh prayer..hehe..

well, I was trying to do my marketing assignment but I couldnt..not in the marketing mood.. mr saiful azam was bz playing futsal (not again!!) but I do understand that he was trying to get himself busy so he wont end up thinking of me all the time - tul tak gBum?? gBum yg cakap what I did was, some cleaning stuffs.. was chatting with a few friends as well coz Ive been ignoring them this whole week..*ugh..sorry mates!

I called my friend, who is studying in Heriott Watt, Edinburgh (coz she's using prepaid..dats why..hehe) an old friend back in Convent ten years ago..fuhh..giler lama lah iqin kita kawan..hehe.. she's doin Msc Actuarial Science (Ive got no clue at all when she mentioned her course..:P)anyway iqin, trust me, things will get better soon, u just have to get use to it.. and thanks for a very 'sweet' conversation we had just now.. haha..hanya aku & ko jer yg mengerti!

Had a chat with my sheffield mates, Hana & as.. Hana, as I said u have come to the right person at the right time, with the right words..hahaha..(Hana knows why!) girls power!!! Asmaziah pulak, she was in her hometown, got a fever - hope u will get better soon.. aii..baru kena panjat tangki dah demam..haha.. well.. u r the Process Engineer so I guess dats what usually a PE do kan!..:P and thanks As! dun worry ehh.. been missing them badly these days.. *sigh..

I remember those days when every saturday we used to hang out or lepak2 together watching tv/movies/dvds and the greatest thing was a *mega dinner*.. haha.. giler byk aa makanan..and dont be surprised, we managed to finish all of it, I mean like ALL without any food left - not for supper or even breakfast!.. huh!!! chocolate cake, spaghetti, roasted chicken, nasi ayam, laksa, kuey teow were among the popular dishes!..hehe.. adehhh..teringin lah pulak..but things are different now, even if I do cook *mega2* I wont be able to finish it, or I might end up eating the same-same thing for 3 days!!..

we love each other and we still hug each other whenever we meet (I met them only once in summer..hehe), although we are typically too embarassed to say that we miss each other a lot...errmm..not really, ada jugak cakap..deep inside, I know it cannot last forever but I am mighty glad that I have shared some of the happiest years in my life with them..

*sigh* the things that we have to go through as we grow older are really tough..the realities of life and the heartaches that we have to accept! yeah, sad but true.. but hey, at least uve got sweet & happy memories to share with ur next generation..

Aiightt fellas, off to sleep.. last but not least,

"Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it.."

Good Luck, have a nice weekend!wassalam..


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