Monday, October 11, 2004

3rd week


hello everybody!! hari nih nampaknyer Sheffield cam gloomy2 jer..

well, ive spent the entire weekend doing nothing..such as - talking over the phone for hours (called malaysia), chatting, watching tv (simpsons, CSI, Friends), blogging (although it seems like i still have the same skin but ive tried to change it yesterday! ), sending & replying emails, kemas2 bilik (again??), printing out notes (the one i hated most!! they shud have printed out the notes for us!!), reading story books & etc..wahhh.. macam byk jer benda yg aku buat nih..huhu..

anyway, i was reading this story book yesterday.. but baru masuk first chapter aku dah sedih.. so i stop.. apadaa.. tak suka betul baca buku cerita sedih2 nih.. it is simple but heartfelt.. seriously do.. probably ill continue reading it some other time..

the love of my life..hehehe.. cam kenal jer..

Imanina Farhanah..small girl wif a big smile..

a picture worth thousands words..hehe :P - pencuri yg abadi !!

~ i live my life for you~

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