Wednesday, April 21, 2004

oLD tRaFForD

ello..ahaa..dun be surprise..this entry has nothin to do with the cerpen.. well, terasa nak update blog lah pulak..

yesterday, went to OLD TRAFFORD tgk game MU vs Charlton.. as usual..MU won 2-0 (to all anti MU, please take note!!!) was a good game but seriously, the weather was so d**n a result, when i woke up this mornin feel a bit unwell..

and today..I wanna say thanks a lot to a fren kat Galway, Ireland..for the postcards and keychain from Germany as she just got back from there..what else.?? holiday lah kan..meriah betul..ok marisa khatijah.. thanks again..kelak mun kitak gi sinei2 lagik bulihlah ngirum kat kamek agik..hehehe..<--- korang semua mesti tak faham apa yg aku cakapkan, ignore jer..


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