Saturday, April 17, 2004

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Ello ppl..Been a while since the last time ive updated the blog..hope everybody is just doin fine ( well, I know that some of u may not - including me since the dateline for the project is just around the corner..arghhh..).. and im pretty sure that all the ChemEng wannabe been enjoying their holiday as much as they can - definitely not at any camp or what so ever..haha..

Well..Sorry to say that there will be no new entry for the cerpen or some of u might call it cerjang.. since the original writer pun tak update it.. but, if u all are really keen to know what’s the ending gonna be, do be patient and wait.. - I cannot say here for how long but might be long..long..long..time so sorry about dat.. if korang tak puashati jugak, make up ur own ending - which ever way u like it..huhu..

Today, im left all alone - as all the Brunswick ppl went to Manchester - pergi jalan2 cari pasal <---sounds familiar.. ahaa..pretty sure that some of frens out there tahu.. Dunno what ppl at haverlock up to today.. are (ive heard yesterday they are goin to OXFORD..ouwchh..benarkah??) Too good to be true.. ahakss..

Also, been eating a lot ( I mean LOTSS..LOTSS.. LOTSS of foods ) since last week as we had 3 birthday celebrations ( another one is coming soon..tunggu..the MOST WANTED girl on earth..the best in town indeed!! Agree??? Totally agree..Definitely..!! ehemm..u know who u r..hehehe.. wehh..pokai lah cam nih..semua nya nak birthday bulan APRIL.. dahlah my mom and this one special person pun besdaynya next week..adehhh.. bungkuslah gue gini.. to dYana..sori..This year we dun have any besday gift for u coz u had one already which I think is more than enough - even priceless.. ouwchh..hehehe.. jgn mare yana.. !! ada nanti hadiah besday mung.. however, the thought is much more important..tak gitu??

Hari nih jugak birthday my adik angkat ( korang..tolong lah for once take this word seriously..hehe..) NURUL AIN SHAM ISMAIL..happy birthday ain!! U r the best sista ever.. but so bad at keeping in touch.. now nih kat Dublin, studying Medicine.. so, I hope u will success in what ever u do, and will be a good doctor soon, insyallah so that I can get free - FOC treatment provided that ain bukak clinic - (not CLINIQUE..hehe) kat seremban yer.. well, ive known ain since primary school back in Convent Seremban.. kitaorang sama2 together-gether dalam brass band - she played trumpet..she is down to earth kinda person, cute, pretty, flawless but the thing that makes her so special is her curl hair(that will be the first thing u ll noticed about her..!!)so damn pretty, even used to be among the top 5 most talked-about-junior dulu..a girl with kind heart n so much to give..miss her so much..huhu..insyallah, ill visit u over there kat Dublin tuh okies..someday..

Apasal panjang giler pulak entry hari nih..sorry mates.. dah lama tak tulis..i guess dats why cam merepek2 panjang2 nih.. and now..feelin homesick..huh.. my bro is getting married on 5th September 2004 - u all are most invited to come (gadis2 sheffield, ingat pesanan bapakku..hahaha..ketua, sila ambil perhatian yer!!) and insyallah nak gi Sarawak early August since that month ada Kuching Fiesta - so much thing to see n to enjoy..but actually September gonna be the best month if u wanna visit Sarawak.. coz usually on that month they are having this Pesta mmg sgt meriah..yeahhh.. I am looking forward nih..

Ok ppl..long enough.. guess I have to stop here before entry hari nih jadi lagi panjang dari cerjang tuh..hehe.. till then take care n be good.. all the best.adios amigos..wassalam..

Amor, abrazar, besos..
Emmachann chinn chunn

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