Saturday, May 12, 2012



Both mom & son down with fever. Mine started since Wednesday, after the berurut session. Malam tu terus pengsan. Then the next morning I got the flu n cough as well. What a complete package and it has significantly reduced my appetite.

Today my Naufal pulak demam, pity him. I couldn't really focus on him coz I myself not well. Even with my mom around, Naufal still wants me to prepare his milk, shower him and all.

Oh, Semoga terhapus dosa2 kecilku Ya Allah. Speedy recovery for my little hero.


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armouris said...

terjumpa info ni, pasal demam…. sharing is caring :) - Cara Redakan Panas Demam Dengan Mudah

~Mrs Fred~ said...


Thanks for the tips, insyaAllah boleh try nanti.. Tq

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