Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Books & Tax


Oh, I'm so early today, coz need to send Hubby to airport and he's now leaving us for 2 weeks. So the struggling supermom routine is back to normal. I cannot imagine how it is gonna be when the new baby is born later. OK, lets not think about that yet.

Anyway, I recently went to Singapore for a FAT. But I went there alone, coz Hubby didn't want to come along and yes, we are still broke from the Korea trip. hehe. At the airport shopping before flying back to KK, I found that the books for pre-schoolers and toddlers are quite reasonable price. In KK, we only have Times bookshop, not so much option available but still, I'm a member too. I would love to have something similar like Kinokuniya, MPH or Borders in KK but unfortunately we dont. Really hope that in future they will consider to open a branch here.

So I bought many books for my cheeky boy and some are practise & writing book for letters (lowercase, coz he's quite confused with these), numbers & words. I was thinking that since that these are claimable during tax, so why not spend up to the max. RM 1000 is a lot, OK! I mean, just imagine if for 3 years you can open a small bookstore already. Hehe. Such a waste if we dont utilized this!

Naufal loves books. He always requested me to read to him and his favourite is 'Pinnochio', 'Nick & Sue', 'Itsy bitsy spider'. So now he knows "Pinnochio have a very long nose and the nose grew longer and longer and longer... "I noticed that he always wanted the same same book. Then I've read somewhere that it is common, coz toddler need some time to digest the information in the book.

Now he's improving in writing the alphabets. I think maybe he learned that at the nursery too. Mmg patut lah kot kan, we are paying RM 380 for his school. Then another RM100 every quarter for the sundries fee. So thats damn expensive for us, but alhamdulillah so far we are satisfied with the way they handle Naufal. Every 2 weeks we'll received something like Naufal's activities books and they will xplain how is he progressing. One of the remark was he couldnt understand Malay well. Haha.. so the teachers had to speak English with him. Another one is he's quite a singer and performer at school! He loves Barney so much and the muslim kids songs, before tidur teacher said tiba2 dgr org nyanyi Alif Ba Ta, Alif atas aa and many more. Now lately we heard him speaking Sabahan!

Here's a photo of him doing the alphabets. Mula2 mcm terkeluar sana sini, after a while OK pastu now every now and then nak tulis. He can read the letters in the books or signboard but yet to know how to combine those letters and become a word. Now I'm slowly teaching him the phonics style tp tau2 je lah, balik keje penat, so the only time was over the weekend. It really needs courage and determination yg tinggi.

Next year insyaAllah planning to send him to music school since he loves music so much. He's turning 3 this May, MasyaAllah, time does flies really fast!!

Ok, kena start keje, I have 14 items in my things to do list!! Bye!

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