Sunday, December 05, 2010

the pressure is high


As per my previous post, I've been super duper bz. Not sure whether its me who didnt really manage the time effectively or the workload is a never ending story.

My ACD assessment will be on Wednesday and I honestly felt that so far I've only covered 2 subjects. Maybe the pressure is too much, I didn't have my own space of time to really2 study, coz I was attending a workshop the whole week. The week before I was busy with clearing my backlog when I was away from office for 2 weeks for the LA trip. Uh, excuses. The big reason I left my cheeky boy at Seremban coz I wanted to study, which tak sgt pun. haha.

Oklah, can't write anymore. Mcm berat je kepala. Maybe I push myself too hard. hehe.


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