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My naughty baby has gone to sleep so I have enough time to write something here. Ilham always cries when he wants to sleep. Siap kuar air mata, mcm kena cubit. Kena dodoi and cuddle him baru dia nak tido. What a manja boy kan!

Anyways, this month has been my lucky month so far, alhamdulillah except for the sleepless nights. *uh* Received a cheque for my overpay tax which is so not going to happen for next year tax!

We finally found our favourite dining table after few months of hunting. Ada satu kedai ni nak dekat 5x kitaorang gi, hoping that they are on SALE. haha. Our house is now under minor renovation (just the kitchen area). We haven't decided on the kitchen cabinet yet, still awaiting the quotation from few vendors. I just don't want to rush, nak cari the best quotation with the best quality coz lepas ni boleh jadi 'the naked chef' (kununnya lah kan..). Even when we bought the hob, hood & oven pun cam survey berbulan2, almaklumlah kat KK everything is not cheap (hubby mmg tak suka phrase ni as it would be an indication nak mintak pindah KL..haha). Tak sabar nak tunggu semua dah siap!

My first few days at work somehow has not been as productive as I was before the maternity leave. I spent most of the time chatting, surfing and not to mention, pumping. After breakfast & lunch I will pump in the drawing room which is located at our level coz nak buat double pumping. Tp bila ptg tu dah busy sket then selamba jer pump kat wstation. (single pumping sambil baca & reply email) Lantaklahh.. haha.. So far my colleagues never complaint of the noise. I keep the level as low as possible, so taklah obvious sgt kan.. Alhamdulillah jugak, my milk production still maintain coz some ppl said once dah start keja production will eventually decrease. Syukur, still ada determination yg kuat to keep on breastfeeding. It is definitely NOT easy, I'm telling you!

Hubby pulak is now in Kerteh, participating in Tilawah Al-Quran peringkat kebangsaan. Last year he won 4th placing, ada tersilap sikit masa surah Yassin. I'm hoping this year that he'll get better placing - so bacaan dah ada improvement lah kan. I adore his effort to hafaz ayat2 yg byk itu, which I myself dont have in me. Despite his busy work schedule at offshore, taking care of Ilham when he's onshore, he still managed. Segan jugaklah kan, I'm not that good to recite Quran, bolehlah baca tp mesti ada silap punya. (selalu kena marah ngan hubby..dia garang oo masa mengajar..hehe) Sib baik takde rotan (ala2 mentor lah pulak kan..hehe). By the time I'm writing this, ntah2 tgh dia punya turn. Frust sgt I couldn't follow him, coz I'm at my first week at work. Lagipun Ilham kecik lagi nak bawak jalan ala2 amazing race. (KK-KL-Subang Airport-Kerteh-Kuantan-KL-KK). Doakan hubby saya yer, mana tahu he'll be lucky enough to be the champion.. amin..

My parents are still here until puasa. Before Ilham was born, I have never thought of looking for a nursery coz I knew that my mom will be taking care of him, until he is 3. And I thought looking for a nursery would be easy, which is SO wrong! We were so panicked when one of our colleague said that we should be searching at least 2 months before. So on Monday, we went to ALL the nursery yg dekat2 opis tu, mmg full habis, musim babies diaorang kata. The only option left was a quite expensive nursery yg agak jauh sket from ofis but kitaorang gamble jer pergi sana, as that was our only hope. Alhamdulillah, mmg kebetulan ada satu kosong, actually ada org ni mcm confirm tak confirm, so the principal said first come first serve lah. Terus kitaorang bayar registration fee dia.. haha..coz we were so afraid that we might lose the place.

Although it is quite expensive compared to others (actually it is the most expensive! we may have to cut down our poya2 time..huhu), tp we honestly fell in love with the nursery as soon as we entered the place. There's a lot of educational posters, the principal and caretakers are friendly and most of them are muslims, its clean and condusive. Mmg worth it lah kot for that amount of money. Moreover the fees tu is from 7.30-6.00pm, Monday to Saturday and we have 2 overnight stay each month, yg akan di accumulated if tak pakai2. Not bad, kan! As my MIL will be going back to Philippines for few months soon, I was worried, nanti if kena pergi offshore siapa nak jaga or if kena travel to Miri or Labuan. Kalau gi KL oklah, I'll drag my mom along to be my babysitter kat hotel. Lucky that we got the nursery for him, nanti 15 August dah start hantar dia gi sana.. *sedeynyaa..*

Wahh..panjang betul update. to go now. Its my pumping session. Lenkali update lagi keh.


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