Friday, December 28, 2007



I was a bit down for the past 2 days.

The big day is just around the corner and I have yet to attend the kursus kahwin. Actually, no. I have postponed it for 3 times and now my parents dah seriously mad at me coz they are afraid if it will takes longer time for processing those nikah forms. Huh.

In November, I attended the first day of kursus kahwin. However, on the 2nd day, I got a meeting with my contractors yg of all the meeting, hari tu jugak my Senior Manager wanted to join. So I skipped the 2nd day and not been given the certificate.

Then, few weeks after that, the MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Sabah) officer called me and said they are having another session the next day. I said, OK pastu bila dah hang up baru teringat that our section is organizing a training and I am one of the trainer. Again, takleh nak pergi. I just need to attend the 2nd day, coz first day dah completed kan.

Next, 2 weeks ago, ada lagi kursus tu but it was not in KK. They choose Ranau as the venue for the session, which is 2 and a half hours driving from KK. Madness. Mr F had offered himself to drive me there but I still couldnt make it due to last minute meeting with KL ppl. You know, they really like to come here without notifying us. Pastu esok nak meeting hari ni baru call.

So, back to the title, my parents then had arranged a kursus kahwin for me in Kajang instead. FYI, this is the only place available. Sban, Kl, Shah Alam dah penuh. Huh, a lot of ppl getting married these days ek. What have made me down was on the day where I need to attend the course will be one of my bestfriend big day. In conclusion, I will definitely tak dpt pergi her akad nikah & sanding. Of course, petang tu boleh, tp it will not be the same kan. Plus my training pun blum confirm lagi. So if tak jadi training I might have to spend Rm 500+ for a flight ticket. Great.

Isn't supposed to be interesting and feeling happy and free before your big day? But I dont feel that way and feel depressed instead. I seriously hate my job. Thinking of the workloads and project need to be handled, I know that masa start cuti nanti mesti ada jugak org nak calling2. I dont want it to be that way. I need a holiday, true holiday.

Next action to be taken is handover everything to others. I dont care about my job anymore.


I need a cup of mocha.

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aliah said...

Just sit back and relax 'cos u're going to have your big day..take it easy and i'll sure you everything will be fine..*wink* okayy..

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