Monday, October 10, 2005

there goes the weekend!


Oh my, its Monday tomorrow. Keje lagi. I am pretty sure the workplace will be like hell. Confirm aaa..

Anyway, Ive been catching up some news with my friends today via the phone and internet. Good and bad. Lepas sahur chat ngan Hana, I was asking tak buat buka puasa ramai2 lagi ke? She said of course we'll do, tp tunggu ko baliks..hehe..Hana, you really make my day! Thanks wehh!! Called Ima-sky and she was at the pasar malam beli kuih. Thank you very much for your advice the other day! Ko tetap C-fu aku yg terbaik.. always will!

On the other hand, called my bestfriend A (bukan nama sebenar). Its been ages since the last time Ive heard from her. Baru cakap hello dia dah jerit nama. Excited giler! But then after a few minutes, there were changes in her voice. Sounds sad, pastu when she started telling me those stories I cried, big time! To my dearest friend, if you ever read this, hang in there dear! Aku mmg tak sabar lah nak balik.. First thing first on Sunday, I am hoping to seeing you, regardless. I will always pray for your best, as what you've asked me to do before. But please, do take care keh! Dont try to do anything stupid (which I dont really trust you on this!).

Had a big dinner tonight. Yelah..weekend jer baru nak makan beria. hehe..

That is all for now people. Have a good Monday blues. hehe.. Take care and be good.



HR said...

Kata nak balik dah... kerja lagi?

emmachann said...

Hehe..still working..

full time obsessive floor engineer..:P

next week last lah kot..

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