Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mr Bonjela, please get rid of it!


hello! Sorry, there's been no update for a while. Not that I am busy, the exam was over and I am finally graduating very soon (yey!!) but I dont feel like writing lately, or even chatting. OH, how amazing is that? Me-no chatting?

My graduation ceremony will be on the 21st July (Friends, if you would like to attend please stop by at the florist shop first..hehe), in fact its gonna be the 3rd & final graduation ceremony of my entire life (NO, I am not considering doing PhD at all..). Alhamdulillah, its over! Although I didnt get excellent grades but I am glad that I was able to graduate on time. Ever since those minor & major operations I had here in UK, I almost quit. Yeah, frankly speaking, I did think about that. But things always happen for good reasons and I believe Allah has better plans for us. Wallahualam..

Last week was a not-so-good week for me..hehe..I missed a train, an interview, the train delayed so I was late & rushing, suddenly the man at the counter said I have got the wrong place, (which I did not!) finally I ended up being hopeless & speechless in the interview.. *sigh. I guess that explains why I got ulcer again! Strange it is, coz I usually got it during the exams weeks. Not to worry, since Mr Bonjela has been such a dear to me.

Okie folks, need to get some sleep here. Will update later. Adios.

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